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Table of Contents for "Rational Faith"

Table of contents for the book Rational Faith: Proof of the Existence of God, the Falsity of Atheism, and the Truth of Catholicism, by Michael O'Halloran (Book available at this link from Amazon Kindle):

A. Modern errors
B. Faith and reason


Chapter 1. The Existence of God: Proof from motion

A. Definition of terms: motion, actuality, and potentiality
B. The first premise: Quidquid movetur ab alio movetur
C. Objections to the first premise
D. Another objection: Projectile motion and Newtonian inertia
E. The second premise: Impossibility of infinite regress
F. The Unmoved Mover is God

Chapter 2. The Existence of God: Proof from efficient causality

A. Definition of terms: The four causes
B. Objections to causality: Hume and Kant
C. Objections to causality: Quantum mechanics
D. The proof in the De Ente et Essentia
E. The Uncaused Cause is God

Chapter 3. The Existence of God: Proof from contingency and necessity

A. Definition of terms: contingency and necessity
B. The existence of the Necessary Being

Chapter 4. The Existence of God: Proof from gradated perfections

A. Gradated perfections
B. Self-subsisting Perfection

Chapter 5. The Existence of God: Proof from final causality

A. Definition of finality or end
B. From intentional action to the Supreme Intelligence
C. The Divine Perfections: Refutation of materialism, pantheism, polytheism, and deism
D. Why atheism persists

Chapter 6. The Immateriality and Immortality of the Human Soul

A. Proofs from the immateriality of the objects of intelligence
B. Proofs from the possibility of knowing all corporeal things
C. Proof from the possibility of self-reflection
D. Proof from free will
E. Proof of immortality
F. Evolution and the human soul

Chapter 7. Human Happiness

A. Man's last end
B. What happiness is not
C. What happiness is and how it is obtained


Chapter 8. Divine Revelation

B. Fittingness and necessity of Revelation
C. Marks of the true Revelation: Miracles and prophecy
D. Nature, possibility, and historical occurrence of miracles

Chapter 9. The Truth of Christianity (I)

A. Historicity of the Gospels
B. Integrity and preservation of the Gospels
C. Authors of the Gospels

Chapter 10. The Truth of Christianity (II)

A. Truthfulness of the Gospels
B. The miraculous spread of Christianity
C. The Resurrection of Christ

Chapter 11. The Truth of Christianity (III)

A. The Holy Trinity
B. Messianic prophecies

Chapter 12. The Divinity of Christ

A. Christ's claim of Divinity
B. Truth of the claim: Jesus Christ is God


Chapter 13. The True Revelation: Catholicism (I)

A. Errors of Protestantism
B. Christ's establishment of the Church
C. Marks of the true Church: Unity
D. Catholicity
E. Apostolicity
F. Holiness and the Church's moral teaching: Natural law, abortion, contraception, and homosexual activity

Chapter 14. The True Revelation: Catholicism (II)

A. Original Sin, the Incarnation, Passion, and Death of Christ, and the Redemption of man
B. The seven Sacraments

Chapter 15. The True Revelation: Catholicism (III)

A. The Holy Eucharist and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
B. The Blessed Virgin Mary

Chapter 16. The True Revelation: Catholicism (IV)

A. The papacy
B. Death, Judgment, Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven

Chapter 17. Catholicism: Friends and Enemies

A. Martyrs and saints
B. The Catholic Church and science
C. The Catholic Church, civilization, and modern degeneracy


A. The gift of supernatural faith
B. Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus

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